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Students Love Our Programs

“This seminar was such a great opportunity not only to grow but to learn of many different aspects of the free enterprise market of our society. I have really enjoyed this chance to educate myself and would like to thank the Foundation for fostering that growth.” -Amit, SBC

“The program that the Foundation for Free Enterprise offered was greatly beneficial to me. I learned so much about the fields of business & economics. The concepts of economics will definitely benefit me later in life, especially because the administration terminated the economics program in my High School.” -Melissa, SBC,


Inspiring Future Free Market Leaders

For Centuries, the USA has thrived on a Free Enterprise system that has brought unmatched wealth and prosperity. To preserve our successful path, tomorrow’s business leaders must understand and promote Free Market ideals regardless of background or political affiliation.

The Foundation For Free Enterprise inspires future business leaders ages 12 to 18 by bringing non-political business education programs to New Jersey schools.