In addition to the FFFE high-school summer business camp, there are a few other resources for high-school students.


SFL Free Books Program:

Fill out a simple registration form to get up to 25 free books from Students For Liberty. There are many titles to choose from on economic issues from Bastiat, Hazlitt, Read, and more.


Liberty Guide:

Liberty Guide is an online jobs and opportunities bank for those interested in advancing the ideas of liberty. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and skills, Liberty Guide also provides career and intellectual resources to help you improve your resume, interview skills, knowledge of the classical liberal tradition, and so much more!


Foundation for Economic Education Seminars:

Designed specifically for high school students, our Freedom Academy seminars will introduce students to basic concepts in economics, the role of liberty in the American founding, and multiple special topics in modern economics. In addition to traditional lecture style classroom learning, students will also have many opportunities to participate in hands-on learning activities and projects


Learn Liberty:

Online educational resources on the ideas of a free society. Short videos on economics, history, politics, and more, with mini-courses to learn more.