School Programs

School ProgramsWorld of Free Enterprise – Grades 6 – 12

Our World of Free Enterprise Program (WOFE) allows students to set up a “board of directors,” elect officers, create businesses, do market research about the need/competition of the product, identify their market, develop a marketing plan, work up a detailed budget and spread sheet projections. They in turn make their presentations of their “loan/financing proposal” to a “bank” committee.

Free Markets Study Conference – Grades 9 – 12

Our Free Markets Study Conference (FMSC) gives high school students the chance to expand their intellectual business brain with top real world business experts and entrepreneurs. This is a 6-10 week program of lectures and assignments in high school classes. As with all our programs, the students are given the opportunity to interact with both educators and business leaders. This enables them to go beyond the textbook, affording them the opportunity to hear real-life experiences.