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Summer Business Camp Press 2012 Release
August 2nd, 2012

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2012 Summer Business Camp, Yearly Program Run by the Foundation for Free Enterprise, Brings in 60+ NJ High School Students

The Foundation for Free Enterprise is proud to announce that last weeks Summer Business Camp 2012 was a resounding success. Over 60 students were in attendance for the 5-day business workshop and residential camp at Ramapo College in New Jersey. Students were lectured on how the free-market works, the nature of capitalism, how to create a business plan, finance, presentation skills, property rights, business law, marketing, free trade, and more. Students were placed into groups and each group had to develop a business plan accompanied by a twenty-minute presentation. The 60 students from all over New Jersey interacted with real entrepreneurs, experienced firsthand business practices, learned free market economic principles, discussed creative ideas, and were inspired by the success of established businessmen and women.

One student, Emmon Chow, said, “I’ve learned the equivalent of two semesters of consumer law, accounting, and international business in under a week.” Another student, Jack Anderson, said, “The camp was great. I met awesome people within the business world, made lasting friendships with campers, and it opened my eyes to the business world. Since coming home from the FFFE camp, I haven’t stopped talking to my friends and family about business and economics.”

The Foundation for Free Enterprise is the educational affiliate of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey. Its mission is to provide leadership in furthering the understanding and appreciation of the free market system, by educating young people, and others who will influence the future, concerning free market economics, limited government, individual self-reliance, and the preservation of the entrepreneurial spirit. This is done through a wide range of activities offered free of charge to teachers and students throughout the academic spectrum. An extraordinary faculty of college professors and business executives teaches these activities. In this way students learn essential economic and business theory and immediately apply it to the challenges businessmen and women must successfully meet.

For more information concerning the Foundation for Free Enterprise, including educational programs and donation opportunities, contact: Kathryn English (201)368-2100 or