The economy of the United States derives its character and strength from the free market ideals upon which the nation was founded. FFFE’s programs present essential economic theory in a free enterprise context, usually by an educator. We provide concrete examples, usually by a business leader, of how these principles have led to the quality of life and opportunities enjoyed by people in the United States. As a result, students develop an economic way of thinking which will serve them well throughout their lives, regardless of the career path they choose for themselves.

In addition to the practical ways these students will personally benefit immediately, an understanding of the free market will enhance their leadership skills, thereby contributing to the betterment of the region’s business climate and quality of life tomorrow.

Students who enroll in our courses of study learn business and economics principles within a context of individual liberty. They quickly come to understand that free societies are characterized by voluntary exchange, and that a way to measure success in such a system is through profits. Those who offer goods and services in the marketplace that are valued by their customers are rewarded with their business. However, success in a free market goes far beyond the dollars. It is measured in the quality of life people enjoy.

One subtle ingredient of a high quality of life is the freedom to dream, and to be in control one’s own destiny. While success in a free market is never guaranteed, the freedom to try is a powerful catalyst that has no match in societies in which the lives of its citizens are restricted and controlled. While creative people live in every country on the globe, it is no coincidence that this virtue manifests most often in countries that base it’s economy upon free market principles. Whether or not it is their intention, entrepreneurs inspire others to do their best work as well. The contribution of entrepreneurs goes far beyond the goods or services they develop and sell. Their success sends an inspirational message that says: in a free society anything is possible.

One would think that, in a country whose citizens enjoy one of the highest standards of living and quality of life known to mankind, everyone would be a proponent of the free market. Yet, the educational mission of the Foundation For Free Enterprise is unfortunately very necessary. This is not because people in positions of influence, such as education and the media, are mean or evil. Quite the opposite, they are generally good people with noble intentions who simply are ignorant of the profound differences free markets make in people’s lives. These well-intentioned men and women often call for a larger role for government in people’s lives, thereby undermining the powerful market forces that people need in order to excel. The Foundation For Free Enterprise works hard to be certain people understand how markets create a climate of opportunity that enable people to reach their full potential, and the human spirit to thrive.