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The Foundation For Free Enterprise needs volunteers and contributions to further its misson.

How we accomplish our unique mission.

FFFE continues to influence future leaders by effectively teaching thousands of students and teachers each year about the vital role free enterprise plays in peoples’ lives. Our success is built largely upon the ability to work at the confluence of the education and business worlds. As we build educational alliances with teachers throughout the region, an ever-increasing number of them come to know the FFFE and the value of enrolling their students in our programs. As a result, the FFFE enjoys a significant increase in demand for its courses of study.

In addition to financial support, the Board of Trustees and friends of the FFFE actively participate in our programs. The students enjoy meeting the executives who bring the text materials to life. The broad range of topics include basic economic theory, capital formation, innovation, price controls or price support, intellectual property rights, privatization of publicly owned utilities, business ethics, the impact of the government on medicine and personal investment strategies.

A great deal of the Foundation’s effectiveness is derived from the outstanding ability of its faculty, composed of both college professors and business executives, to clearly communicate essential concepts. The academicians introduce fundamental economics, business and finance theory. Volunteer entrepreneurs and senior-level executives immediately transform this theory into practice by demonstrating its relevance in peoples’ lives, using examples from their work. As a result, students develop an economic way of thinking which will serve them well throughout their lives, regardless of the career path they choose for themselves.

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